“You better. Or I’ll have to ban kissing from here on out.” He smirked and let out a low laugh. He tilted his head to the side, giving Stiles all the room he needed at his neck. His hands gripping onto the other’s hips a little more firmly as he rolled his hips up to meet the others. He let out a low laugh when Stiles finally got his pants open. He lifted his hips to help him out, reaching out to grab onto Stiles so he wouldn’t fall off the bed. “Careful there, wouldn’t want to explain to anyone why you have a broken arm or neck while you have a boner.” He teased.

     ❝ Don’t you even think about it. ❞ Stiles huffed. Although he couldn’t help the amount of laughing, or snickering in this case, he was doing right now. All smiles and happy and definitely horny. When Derek reacted out to grab hold, he was grateful. Nipping playfully at his nose when he spoke, though. ❝ Yeah, definitely not. I’m bad enough explaining things as is. ❞ He snorted with a shake of his head before diving in to kiss the wolf again. Proceeding to slip his hands in to the man’s boxers and wrap fingers around his length, teasingly slow as he rubbed along it.


Isaac stared at him before nodding. “I thought.” he frowned and let out a frustrated growl before he sat down beside Stiles. “I uh sometimes its hard to be near you. To be nice if I am because I just… It feels so… strange.”

❝ Strange.. how, exactly? ❞ Stiles asked as he turned his head, glancing at Isaac a moment. It was almost easier, to calm his heart beat, now that Isaac was actually there next to him. Then again it easily raced for the fact he was there, so close, now. He’d never control that damn heart beat.



❝ the thing is, stiles, it is no big deal. for us, it has to be. because
    alternative is guilt, and guilt is deathly for us because of how we
    feel everything magnified. and the sooner you learn that, the 
    better it will be. i don’t want you to have a false view of the way
    it is. i respect you enough to treat you like an equal. i know what 
    you went through was painful for you, and i will help you, i want 
    to help you get through it, finally. just like i’ll help you adjust to 
    being a vampire. and this is how i do it, how i’ve always done it. 
    and i have never had any of the ones i turn become less than 
    great and powerful. i’m not about to start letting that happen with
    you. i know you don’t think i’m helping right now, i understand, 
    and, eventually, you’ll know why i do these things. 

[ reaching a hand out, she touches the side of his face gently, 
   a soft caress. her expression has become less frigid and 
   indifferent, more caring. almost loving. she brushes her thumb
   along his cheekbone, over and over, soothingly.

❝ the sense of touch is extremely sensitive when you first turn, almost
    more so than that of hearing and seeing. focus on it. breathe. 
    listen to my voice. you can do this, i believe in you. 

[ when she touched him, stiles did the first thing he
  could think of. hell, the only thing he could think of
  at the moment. he kissed her. because it really did
  help him, at least for now. he drowned out all other
  words and thoughts when lips pressed against hers.
  focusing all those newly heightened senses of his
  maker. arms wrapping around her, pulling her flush
  against himself as a low growl rumbled in his throat. ]



❝ remember that you asked for this. you knew the life you were getting into, 
    you knew what i am and what i do. you willingly walked into this. and, if 
    you’ve suddenly decided that you’re not strong enough to handle it, you 
    can walk out at any time. i won’t force you to stay, but i also won’t change
    who am just to appease you.

    —— you can’t be so dim witted to think that that girl was going to walk out
    of here. whether you or i killed her, she was going to die today no matter
there’s nothing you could have done or said that would have changed
    that fact. she was dead the moment i laid my eyes on her. ❞

[ arching a brow, she brings her glass to her lips and finishes the liquor of
   in one swig. when she brings her eyes back to look at him, her expression
   is indifferent, even though her heart aches at the simple thought of him 
   leaving her. she had gone and got herself emotionally attached to this kid,
   and it’s because of that attachment that she told him he could leave. because
   even though it would hurt her, if that’s what he wanted, she would let him
   leave. she wasn’t about to force him to be with her ( though she knows it’s 
   the best place for him, in his current condition. ) ]

[ stiles put himself in front of her, faster than he’d even
   realized he was capable of. but then again, that’s his
   new found vampire speed for you. all of which he is
   still trying to get used to. the change to his sight, and
   to his sense of smell. all of it was a bit over whelming,
   she should have known not to add the stench of death
   to the mix. he’d probably vomit, if he could, right now. ]

❝ i’m not asking you to change who you are, viv. i fell in
      love with the woman i met. that’s who i want to spend
      my immortal life with. that’s why i asked you to change
      me. but you could have compelled at least her, for me.
      or let me practice for that matter. i’m barely two months
      out of being used by some twisted evil spirit to do his
      biding. i knew what i was getting myself in to, agreeing
      to be changed now. the least you could have done was
      given me time to adjust. not throw another dead body in
      my face like it’s no big deal. because if you knew me at
      all, then you’d understand what i’m feeling right now. ❞

[ and he was feeling it so heavily too. everything was
   insanely heightened. and he just wanted it to stop. ]



❝ you have no control. you don’t know how to control yourself. even as a human. i knew once you bit into that girl, you’d end up killing her. when you expressed your discomfort with killing her, i decided that i cared enough about you to not force you to endure that. so, i killed her so you wouldn’t have to. either way, she was going to die. 

           [ because, even by some miracle that stiles was able to pull himself back from taking just a little too much blood, there’s no way viviana would’ve let that girl leave here alive. he should’ve known that. but she didn’t bother explaining herself further, she didn’t have to. she just tried at first because she wanted to offer him some comfort. but now, as he bites into the girl’s wrist, she walks back to her glass and picks it up with slender fingers. 

          she doesn’t even blink when he glares at her. just drinks. ]

❝ the jugular’s a better choice. bleeds more. 

❝ i didn’t want anyone else dead, because of me.
       what don’t you get about that, viv? if you care
       about me, then you should’ve respected that. ❞

[ stiles just rolls his eyes, now that he’s no longer glaring,
  and moves to step away from the girl. not even saying
  another words as he then proceeds to walk for the door. ]