"Unless I’m fucking you, you think everything I do is annoying."

[ Peter looked over at the boy and smirked, knowing the action
  would either piss him off, or turn him on. Maybe both, hopefully
  both. He couldn’t figure out why they still had their clothes on,
  this arrangement was supposed to be for sex, not companionship. ]

"Why not? Freedom of speech is a thing you know. I have a right to
 say and do as I please.”

❝ Well.. yeah, pretty much. Actually. ❞

[ And there was only a fraction of a blip of a lie there,
    because he was telling the truth for the most part.
    Peter did annoy him more times than not, but even
    the wolf had his moments where Stiles didn’t quite
    mind the company. That’s not including the naked
    and writhing moments, either. Surprisingly enough. ]

      ❝ Not when I’m trying to be mad at you, or when I’m
           trying to study. Or when—- would you stop looking
           at me like that, with that damn smirk! It’s unfair. ❞

[ He huffed while squirming a little where he was sitting,
     adjusting his back against his headboard. The teen
     was being good and innocent and reading his math
     book when Peter had entered the room. But now it
     seemed as if math was the farthest thing from his
     mind, and a naked wolf in his bed was the forefront. ]


Someone’s been taking fashion advice from his boyfriend, but who’s doing the advising?



[ text; ] I don’t know what my point is.
[ text; ] STILES!
[ text; ] msndjfvghjnvfdhb
[ text; ] Goodbye. I’ve died and gone to heaven.
[ text; ] Almost home.

[ text; ] You’re thinking about my sucking now, aren’t you?
[ text; ] I resisted for as long as I could.
{ text; ] I lasted a full two minutes being nice.
[ text; ] You should applaud me.
[ text; ] Love you. <3
[ text; ] GOOD! Hope you won’t mind my nude butt.
[ text; ] Those sweats were annoying.


Isaac stared at him before leaning closer to take in Stiles scent. He had wanted this, hell he needed to do it for months. To just breath in the other boy and rest his face on Stiles shoulder like he was doing currently, taking long dragging breaths. “I don’t like smelling her on you.” He admitted quietly.

❝ Then replace it with your own. ❞ Stiles murmured in reply, but with a certainty to his tone. He wanted it too. Wanted Isaac more than he deemed possible, maybe being around wolves for so long had some of their instinct rubbing off on him. ❝ Scent me. Mark me. Do what ever it is wolves do, when they’re feeling what you are right now. ❞



❝ —— the redhead? no. oh no. you’re not touching her. 
    and you’re not going anywhere. i can and will stop you. 

❝ i’m going to make her scream for her own life,
      and i’m going to do it. no matter what you say. ❞

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Derek raised a brow, smirking a little. “The only way you would get to even put that tail in, is if I get to use my tongue to open you up. No finger yourself.” He spoke, nodding his head firmly. He was almost at the diner at this point. “Do you want pants that have a hole for your tail, or just wear it inside your tail? Cause you don’t have pants to show off the tail just yet. I can get some however.” He smirked,.

❝ .. I have absolutely no problem with that. I like when you use your tongue. ❞ Stiles replied with a wider smirk being worn now. He couldn’t stop thinking of Derek having him bent over, cheeks spread while tonguing him. Then putting that tail in, wearing it own.. It’s something Stiles really happened to enjoy. ❝ Mmm, we should get me some pants that’ll show it off, that’d be nice. ❞ He hummed with a little nod, expression softening a moment but bright none the less.



❝ —- they’re disgusting. have blood like muddy 
    water and death. and you’re not going anywhere. 

❝ i don’t care what she tastes like. i’m going to
     go take a bite out of the girl that rejected me
     since the third grade. and you can’t stop me. ❞

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                    “—Then I’ll just put on a few more layers.”

❝ .. no, don’t do that. Take them off, not put more on. ❞